Toddler Socks

I have had the pleasure of making two pairs of socks for my one-year old recently. She wears size 6C toddler shoes, so you can use that as a reference for size. The cuff is very close to being too tight, so if your child wears a 7C or larger, you’ll need to increase the number of stitches you cast on. Happy stitching!


Knit Socks

Whoa!! How did the years go by so quickly?

In the last 3 years, I’ve learned to knit. Another skill to add to my bag of tricks in case the manufacturing industry goes to hell and we have to make our own goods. Hey, it could happen, right? I would be completely naked, except socks, a hat, and mittens.

Ok, so for real. Here’s my favorite pattern. A friend shared it with me, and I have enjoyed using it for many pairs of socks. I use light sock-weight yarn and 4 double-point needles. I don’t measure. Adjust your yarn or needles to fit your fancy. Or feet.