Vintage Chalkboard

Hey, everybody. Here’s a great project I came up with while shopping at a used home goods store. They had a bunch of old cupboard doors for a dollar, so I bought them to make some signs for the wedding. Since we’re getting married in a botanical garden, the guests have to walk along certain paths to get to the site of the ceremony. And if I’m making signs, I might as well make them reuseable: chalkboards!

These cupboard doors were finished back in the 50’s I think. I didn’t feel like sanding them, though. So I just used Rustoleum Ultra Cover Premium Primer. Two coats over the blank cupboard doors. Check.

Then I picked out the paint color. I chose Pittsburgh Paints Ultra Interior Latex Paint in Rose Marquis. I got it in flat, because I want to make it look vintage. You can choose any finish you like. I then painted the edges of the cupboard pink. Two coats.

Next, I painted the interior of the cupboard with Rustoleum Specialty Chalkboard Paint in Green.  Again, two coats. And don’t write on the chalkboard for at least 2 days. It needs to set.

Finally, the finishing touches. I bought a vintage-looking knob at Hobby Lobby and screwed it into the knob hole. It might be a little hard to do, especially if you got paint in the hole like I did. 🙂 Then I took fine sandpaper and rubbed the edges until just a little primer and wood showed through. Make sure you only do this to the edges, so it looks like real wear-and-tear. Last, I put a little butterfly on it, because it was just so cute.

Happy crafting!


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