Tidy Travel Towel

Here’s a great craft I saw on Pinterest and had to try. I don’t know what other people call it, but I’m calling it a tidy travel towel. Catchy, huh?

This thing is perfect for taking on trips. You can customize it to hold whatever bathroom essentials you need on your trip.

Step one: Find a hand towel and something to tie it with. You can use ribbon, rope, lace, a long friendship bracelet, braided pieces of bandana. . . get creative. You’ll need about a foot and a half. Now take your handy-dandy Singer sewing machine and thread it with what color you plan to use (It doesn’t have to match!).

Step two: Lay your towel flat, with the long side facing you. Fold the bottom up so about half is doubled over and half isn’t. This is your pocket. Sew along the thick seams on the side. My machine got angry when I tried to sew ON the thick seams, so I sewed next to them.

Step three: What are you going to put in your travel towel? Lay it all out on top of the pocket, and place pins where you’ll need seams to separate the items. Try to scatter skinny, thick, heavy, or light items, so your towel isn’t all lumpy when rolled up. Sew those lines- you’re almost done!

Step four: Take your tying item and fold it in half. Where that fold is, stick it between the towel’s seams, about in the middle. That way, your stitching is invisible to the world and you look extra smart. 🙂 Sew that baby in there, and you’re done!

Step five (optional): Sometimes it’s fun to add buttons, sequins, beads, ribbon trim. . . Like I said before, get creative! When I showed these to my friends, they all wanted one.

When you get home from a trip, simply toss your Tidy Travel Towel in the wash, and it’s nice and fresh for the next trip. No more wet, sticky Ziploc bags!!

Hope you’re having a fabulous day. XO Tam


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